Daughter of the Deep Review:  An Adventure Story from the Bottom  of  Lincoln Island

Daughter of the Deep – Have you ever been  curious,  what the real seabed looks like  ? The very deep seabed   is far away, and has never been  touched by the world.  Is it as interesting as in the animated film  Finding Nemo, Luca and others?  Or is there something much more terrible than the bottomless sea?

A curiosity  that may have been expressed from those of us who only know the  seabed  from the coastline, or coral reefs. The bottom of  the sea is beautiful, but all its beauty is also worth the same risk.

As humans we can only dive and study the contents of the ocean with restrictions,  because  there is a     seabed  not our habitat as land  creatures. But our  curiosity  often  leads to the emergence of  various imaginations about the open ocean  that are often expressed in many works, such as fantasy novels.

For those who like to fill their  time by reading fantasy novels  with exciting and suspenseful adventures, of course,  have read famous adventure stories such as Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.

A  famous masterpiece from writer Rick Riordan has gone global since his adaptation to the big screen in 2010.  For fans of  Rick Riordan’s writings, of course,   they are getting used to reading various plots filled with mythology.

But this time  Rick Riordan is putting a new twist on  his latest adventure novel, Daughter of the Deep. If  we are usually presented with a picture of a  story related to the  Greek Gods, now is the time for  us to  adventure to the bottom of a deep and tense blue ocean.

Taking  a different feel, maybe this time  the author wants to create a new universe  with a setting plot  that is much different from his previous works. Daughter of the Deep itself  was just released on October 5, 2021  and has occupied the New York Best Selling Book  chart for the fantasy novel  category.

This, of course, attracted the  attention of fans who had longed for the works of this successful author for  a long time.  For those who  have never read Rick Riordan’s writings, maybe this Daughter of the Deep  book can be an opening window for your interest in  the author’s  fantasy story.

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Rick Riordan as  the  name above the cover of the book Daughter of the Deep may not surprise fantasy  novel   lovers  anymore.  Because this man from America  has indeed begun to be famous since his work in 2005 then Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.

Having the  real name Richard Russell Riordan Jr, the man born in  June 1964  never imagined that he would become a great writer in the future. Young Richard  who is an  alumnus of the University of Texas, Austin began his career as a teacher  of English and  Social Sciences at the Presidio Hill School.

His life as a teacher and father went well.  He found an interest in writing and began making the books Big Red Tequila and Tres Navarre.  In addition, Rick Riordan also took part  in editing Demigods and Monsters.

Namanya semakin dikenal sejak buku petualangannya Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief (2005), Percy Jackson and The Olympians, The Sea of Monsters, The Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.

Looking at  his  series of books, Rick Riordan  does seem to really like to explore  stories  that raise Greek  mythology and gods.   Rick Riordan’s many interesting works  earned himself many awards.

Won the  Best First Novel  category at the Shamus Award and Best Paperback, for the work of Big Red Tequila (1998).  Then in 2008 it received an award from Mark Twain for The Lightning Thief, and in 2009 won the same  category for The Sea of Monsters.

Actually, there are many more awards that  the author has received from all his works until 2017.  You can  get her latest book  Daughter of the Deep  on Gramedia.com!

Sinopsis Daughter of the Deep

Daughter of the Deep is a  teenage fantasy  adventure  story.  Almost the same as Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, who took a  teenage character as the main character.  In his latest novel this time  Rick Riordan chose the character of a 15-year-old  teenager  named Ana Dakkar.

Ana Dakkar,  who is still 15 years old, lives with her older brother named Dev who is  17 years old.  Both are students of a marine high school called Harding-Pencroft, located  in an area near a remote cliff in California.

Dev, who  is also his older brother, often swims  on the sea coast  with Ana.  She  remembered the time when her mother once gave Ana  a beautiful pearl necklace for  her birthday. The thing that makes Ana so happy and more and more interested in   everything related to  the  sea.

One day, Ana and   her  19-person schoolmates were gathering at the dock. Today  Ana’s  class and  the ninth-level children  will conduct the exam on board the Varuna ship located  at  the San Alejandro pier.

The name of the ship Varuna itself has a meaning that means the God of the Sea in Hinduism which is a large cruise ship.  During the trial, the students were supervised by Dr. Theodosius Hewett who is also a teacher in theoretical  marine science lessons.

Shortly after leaving school, the ship sailed smoothly.  But then Ana and her friend noticed  a torpedo coming from the  bottom of  the ocean near the cliffs of  her school. The torpedo was allegedly from  a submarine  under them.

As   a result, all the buildings including ana’s  school building collapsed scattered around. Dr. Hewett, who had checked  the  ravaged state of the  school, then took the initiative to invite his students  back to Varuna .  He informed them that  it was an attack from their rival  school, the Land Institute.

From here Hewett also devises a plan, she orders a male student  named Gemini Twain to be Ana’s bodyguard.  Just in case  something happens to him.  The rest formed a plan to defend against  enemy attacks.

However, Ana, who  was almost kidnapped by the Land Institute, then got help from a bottlenose dolphin   named Ana Socrates. The kidnapper was apparently  a student at the Land Institute named Caleb South.  He claimed that their school carried out the attack because they thought Harding-Pencroft was hiding a legacy of criminals and also a big tech.

This is where Dr.  Hewet was forced to tell all the  secrets that had been sealed off by the  harding-pencroft officials.  Then the flashback story about the history of the  Harding-Pencroft school and its inventors was revealed.

Which   apparently concerns Ana Dekker.   Involving his grandfather, and one of  his friends Esther Harding.  Not only that, but even  the  trial that day   aimed  to provide an introduction to  a major  technology owned by Harding-Pencroft.

From there,  things make sense.   They then devised a plan to head for Lincoln  Island, a remote  island that was not yet  on the map.  With Ana taking command to  replace Dr.  Sick hewet, he and other students racked their brains to find the right navigation.

Arriving at  Lincoln Island, there were so many things that were new to Ana.  He realized that apparently there was such  a  huge scientific relic. On  Lincoln Island apparently during this time  there were many results of the successful scientific discoveries of  his ancestors.  So many specimens are  the result of genetic development that can even  make an orangutan like a  human and can cook.

Not only that, Ana found the nautilus which was a submarine  left by Captain Nemo. A material full of  history that   he resurrected again, to travel and adventure the seabed.  But apparently not only did  it get there,  new problems arose  and demanded Ana and her friends to once again survive.

In  a difficult situation, Ana even had to accept the  fact of betrayal. Which although heavy, Ana still had to return to  the plan, and rescued the  relics of her ancestors once again on the bottom of the sea.

The story in Daughter of the Deep  will be an exciting adventure  for those of  you who like science-fiction stories about technology that are also wrapped in  fantasy.   But if you are  more interested in reading fantasy stories full of mythology, then you can start reading several other novel  series by Rick Riordan.

Recommended Works by Rick Riordan and  Other Fantasy Novels

1. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

What would it be like if it  turned out that you were a descendant of a God and had the same  blood as those who had   only been mythological.  Maybe you will be as surprised  as  Percy Jackson, who  out  of nowhere can he  have a supernatural  power.  I don’t know since when he realized that his life was completely changed.

But how lucky he was  because his friends actually helped him in solving various strange problems.  Of course, the story of Percy Jackson is inspired by various Greek  mythology, and is filled with many mythological creatures that fill in along the  journey of Percy and his best friend.  Curious about what the story is like?

2. Narnia: Magician’s Nephew

Interested in reading interesting adventure stories, maybe you can read this Narnia  book series.   Although the book has been released since 1955,  this  novel is still  irreplaceable in the ranks of fantasy adventures.

You will be presented with the royal nuances  of the past  which are still thick with witchcraft  only from behind an old closet.  Curious about what the story is like?  Get  the book right away at the Gramedia

3. Earth

Wan to read a  fantasy story that isn’t a  translation?  Then there is no way you can miss this novel by Tere Liye.

The story of an adventure in a parallel world  with Raib and his friends.  To start reading it, then this Earth book can be the  first reading you have!

Reasons Why You Need to Read Daughter of the Deep Book

If fantasy stories and science-fiction  are the  kind of reading you like, then you must try reading this latest book from Rick Riordan.  Despite  its  interesting   genres, here are strong  reasons why you should include this book on your next reading list!

1. Neat Plot

Rick Riordan seems to have prepared the script of this Daughter of the Deep  thoroughly.  It is evident from the plot that  is  neatly stated in this novel.  Although in this novel  has a little flashback about  the  history of the  Harding-Pencroft school, but it does not confuse the readers.

In addition, the author also affixes many scenes that make the story  not flat, but full  of interesting climactic increments.   Not only that, this novel is also a new breath for  rick Riordan’s other  works, with a much different theme.

Therefore  a number of theories about the sea and  artificial intelligence listed in this daughter of the deep novel  seem mature and  well thought out.

2. Character Details

There are actually  many characters written throughout the  story of the journey of  Ana Dekker and her friends.  Although not all have detailed  explanations, but Rick Riordan knows very well which characters need details and which ones do not.

In terms of Ana Dekker’s own character, we can immediately know that there will be many in-depth explanations about this character.   similar to the  character Percy in the  previous book,  ana has  the largest portion.

With  a smooth approach, we can get to know how  Ana is. As well as readers can also  have a good emotional bond in this ana character.  Not only Ana, there are many other  characters who have sufficient details  according to their portions.

Nothing feels too much.  Maybe  there is only one character that should be able to be developed   properly, namely the relationship between Ana and Dev as brothers and sisters. Which on some things could  still be built  better.

3. Action Sequence

Not only about the  science and technology  of  artificial intelligence, the story of Daughter of the Deep  also   unexpectedly has many scenes full of tense action.  Like when Ana Dakkar and her friends boarded the nautilus to fight her enemies.

Although there are not as many as in the novel that has the action genre, but it can be said in this novel  that some action scenes are quite refreshing.  So that the reader does not get bored in following throughout the story of Ana Dakkar.

4. Containing a Moral Message

Apart from the genre, the novel is also wrapped in  a good message. From    Ana’s  adventures to find her history, we can  get to know the  characters in Ana. As well as  the development of Ana’s nature and maturation as a  15-year-old girl  who tends to be fast.

Ana’s  adventure story shows the  positive side of her as a girl who has great courage.  He even dared to decide to take command of the ship while Dr. Hewett was ill.

This is also supported by the  trust of his friends in Ana, and vice versa, so that they are able to reach  Lincoln  Island. From this we can understand that it is important to trust each other, both in others and in oneself.

If a group has strong trust, courage, determination then all will be able to form good and strong   teamwork. It’s the same with Ana and her friends, by fighting together they can achieve their true goals.


As a reading that can be enjoyed by all ages, it doesn’t seem  like an exaggeration if this novel  is indeed recommended for anyone  to  read.

Even though it tells the story of  the adventures of  teenagers, the existence of detailed and clear science-fiction  and interesting action scenes,  will not make us bored.

Interesting adventures, suspenseful actions, heartwarming dramas to funny scenes   are all neatly and   sweetly stated in  one reading.

Therefore,  this book will be suitable for diluting your day so you don’t get bored!

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