George Orwell’s Animal Farm Review: The Satirical  Story of the Manor Ranch

Animal Farm George Orwell – Many people say that power can change a person.  But what happens if someone who has power is a very good person, his actions and horns?  Although not  everyone can change when they get power,    basically human  nature is  insatiable.  So what about  the basic nature of animals?

From the expressions of treasures, thrones, and women many of us understand very well how they mean.  But still, when we have one of them or even all three of them,  it makes us  forget  how to be human.

But, in such cases as in  George Orwel’s Animal Farm story, the author describes a similar situation with the  placement of animals as its symbolization. Animal Farm is a  legendary story that raises  the  issue of power.

This fairy tale about rulers  is a satire that describes how the true nature of man and his character when he has great power.  As a story written since August 17,  1945, his story has continued to be told in many countries and languages for more than  70 years.

George Orwell highlighted the political issue where issues around power, injustice  have been inherent in many governments since time  immemorial. George  Orwell  was therefore interested in bringing this story up by putting it on  animal characters as political satire.

The   author also confesses that his work was aimed at criticizing Stalin’s reign in  the  Soviet Union, which at that time  was  too authoritarian and dictatorial.  So George Orwell conveyed it through this Animal Farm  story.

The story, which  was first published in England, is  a  story written by  the author during World  War II.  After the launch of  this book, Animal Farm was also translated into   many languages with many versions.

In some versions,  the book has different titles customizing  the translation of the language.  Some versions have the subtitle  ‘A Fairy Story’ and some others have the subtitle  ‘A Satire’.  In addition, some characters in the book also have different names during their translation.

But despite all  the quite a lot of versions, Animal Farm  is one of   the legendary literary  works, where until now there are still many  people who read it.  Even use it as a source of literary analysis.

Animal Farm  Book author profile  : George Orwell Aka Eric Arthur Blair

George Orwell’s name became known since  the book Animal Farm  was sold all over  the  UK and even abroad.  But,  the name is actually also  a pen name of the figure of  Eric Arthur Blair.

The man, who was born on June 25,  1903, was born in Motihari, Bengal, India.  Living with father Richard Walmsley Blair and mother Ida Mabel Blair  their little family eventually moved back to England when little Blair  was one year old.

Little Blair  had exposed  his intelligence past his abilities at the  Anglican Parish School.  But then he continued his  education at St Cyprian School which is on the southern coastline  of the Eastbourne area of Sussex.

Blair also first met his best friend Cyril Connolly, who was still on good terms until they grew up.   Blair’s cleverness in linguistics has indeed been  smelled from a young age, as evidenced by his  many achievements in winning poetry competitions, and  literary works.

Blair also continued  his education on a scholarship for his brilliant achievements.  Despite having  attended the university at Eton College,  Blair’s  all-deprived life also made him and his mother fall up and  down to survive.

To that end,  for the first time in life Blair decided to join  the Imperial Indian Police in Burma.  His life back in India as  a policeman made him realize a lot.   Including his views on imperialism.

From here, Blair again found his writing passion, and made him want to change his life as a writer.

For this reason Blair decided to  move to Paris where his aunt was.  But Blair’s life wasn’t as easy as flipping a   palm, so he had to fall up and down many times  as  a  writer who apparently wasn’t enough to make himself survive  .

That led Blair to do a lot of odd jobs in Paris.  Although  eventually  Blair returned to  London and was still living odd jobs  to make a living, there were  many   experiences of Blair’s life  that made him aware of the magnitude of the opportunity to write  .

Little by little Blair began writing several short novels Burmese Days in  1934, A Hanging in 1931 and also Shooting Elephant in  1936.   With so much experience, the ups and downs  of Blair’s life,  he  became known by using  his pen name, George Orwell.

One of  his legendary novels  that  gave a lot of  new views to  the world of authorship was Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Synopsis of George Orwell Animal Farm Book

What would it be like if a group of animals in a farm slowly began to control the territory and even tried to become a better  leader than humans themselves?

Animal farm is a novel that  tells the story of the animals in  Mr. Jones’ Manor Farm  . On  the farm there was a pig nicknamed the Old Major, who was the  winner of  the cattle competition, about  freedom.

He  gathered the animals on the farm for an internal  meeting. In the meeting, he told about his dream, that one day  there will come a day when the animals can be free, living peacefully  without the need for interference  human hands.

The old major also told about his position on  the farm, if he died later, then the two pigs there  would replace his position as leader.  The two pigs in question are Snowball and Napoleon.

The day  of The Old Major’s death arrived, and finally Napoleon and Snowball began to replace and form the  leadership as expected by the Old Major. One  morning, Mr. Jones, who   got up late and had not taken care of his  farm animals, angered the  animals on the farm.

They decided to pick up their own food in the  food storage warehouse.  Knowing this, Mr. Jones was angry but unexpected resistance  arose from the animals who worked together to drive Mr. Jones out of the farm.

A certain amount of  fierce resistance from farm animals, made Mr. Jones who even brought the other  breeders overwhelmed and chose to give up.  These animals can  finally achieve their desires with a free life without Mr. Jones and  other humans.

Miraculously, they can build such a  good cooperation and   endless mutual aid.  Having cleared the premises on  the farm, ensuring that the  food is fairly divided   for each type of animal, and also  a decent place of  residence  they are always obedient to Napoleon and Snowball.

The slightly rude, lazy and greedy Napoleon  is a  black pig who is busy taking care of Mr. Jones’  house and  the puppies left by his mother. The  intelligent and structured snowball of the white  pig is the one who gives the most   command in setting the rhythm of  the work of other  animals so that they can continue to live and not run out  food.

Snowball wrote down 7  ‘animal farm’ laws that animals are obliged to obey,  one of which is the  saying of  the Old Major, that all animals are equal.  This means that even in this  leadership there is nothing better or  higher in rank, because prosperity can  only be achieved by cooperation.

As  time went on,  animal husbandry began to run well.  Starting from horses, cows, goats,  ducks, chickens, ferrets, to birds working together.  They plant seeds in the fields, collect grass and learn how to use tools and read.

Snowball the pig is structured, endlessly  making many programs and  monthly plans for animal husbandry.   But on the other hand, there was Napoleon who didn’t like it because Snowball  was over-arranging.

The hateful  Napoleon  also tried to get rid of Snowball, and made him leave the ranch forever. It was from here that he finally managed to realize his bad intentions by mastering the ranch with free rules.

There was no cooperation to grow  crops, but instead he stole the idea of designing the  tower that  Snowball wanted to make to make the animals obedient.   While all the  animals were working hard to collect the heavy rocks, Napoleon allowed the  other pigs not to work.

The gap between the pigs and  other animals is increasingly noticeable when the pigs even sleep in  Mr. Jones’ house, eat jam food and  other human food, drink beer and do all the which is prohibited by the 7  Animal Husbandry Law.

Napoleon’s  dictatorial reign overwhelmed the animals, this is even  worse than when Mr. Jones  was still there.  The animals did not get food, the chickens were  taken eggs in exchange for the  pig’s favorite  jam.

A  jam-carrying  entrepreneur makes use of Animal Farm to get as many eggs as possible. This also  caused the ranchers  to  be angry and plan to go back to  take over the ranch with Mr. Jones.

The war between animals and humans broke out again, and  left only another tribulation.  Because the  tower they built hard to  build collapsed. Napoleon got angry and told the animals to  build it again.  But again, Napoleon who was  unwilling to learn from his mistakes only caused more  animals to  become victims. Because of his own covetousness, turning Napoleon into like Mr. Jones, or even worse?

Lessons from George Orwell’s Animal Farm  Book

1. Collaborate

One  of  the things that is most often presented in this novel  is the existence of cooperation. Where when a group of people or even a group of animals have confidence in building cooperation, they can achieve  what they want.

Although  this story   tells the story of  animal resistance to humans,  it  is depicted that with one strong move and  excellent cooperation even animals can win from humans .

Although, in this story requires propaganda as an encouragement and driving force for the animals.  So that they have the  courage to fight humans. We can  also   see a picture of great cooperation  from how these animals  learn to survive  by farming.

2. Be Fair and Equal

In the 7 Animal Husbandry  Law, all the points are rules that must be obeyed by animals  in order  to maintain equality among all animals. This is what is interesting to listen to, because apparently George Orwell sent a message to readers  about the  value of humanity  itself.

Although it is depicted through animals, or also  called animalism.  An equally important value  to humanize human beings by understanding that we are all equal.  Have value and are equally  important to each  other.

Respecting  human  values makes us whole human beings.  But for a person who  can’t  respect human values like Napoleon, then that  person  will get the same as Napoleon.

3. A responsibility

Through  snowball’s  character we can see that he is very much trying to fulfill his responsibilities as the  leader of the animals on the farm. For the sake of survival, and continue to carry out their vision and mission, just like the  wishes of the Old Major.

4. Greed

There are several kinds of descriptions of  covetousness that can be seen from this Animal Farm  story.  through Snowball, as a leader he felt he  had to go ahead and develop for the prosperity of the animals.

But it also makes him want to continue to  try to  reach animals that are outside the farm, which has other  impacts as well.  But despite Snowball’s  good purpose, a character full of dissatisfaction, selfishness and covetousness came from Napoleon.

Where did he choose to produce prosperity for himself, and not the entire ranch.  He is  also so selfish by deceiving other  animals in order to enrich himself.  Until finally  greed turned Napoleon into a selfish dictator pig, and brought another dictatorial pig to  his life.

5. Exploitation

The animal  version of  the story of forced labor  here is  also described as intense. The animals that were forced to work      non-stop, overwhelmed these  animals and exhausted.  The exploitation  of the work of  these animals is also what causes misery to the farm.  Even some animals fell ill and died as a result of Napoleon’s own greed.

Disadvantages of  George Orwell’s Animal Farm  Book

From the title, this book already tells us that this is a satirical story, in which the purpose is indeed to satirize the  rule of  the Soviet Union at that time.  But for a work that  everyone read, some people in those days  thought this book was  too terrible.

For some scenes it is depicted  not ‘friendly’, even more so using the animals as the image.  But it can also  be an option for those who  like  satirical stories, which tend to be rude.

Advantages of  George Orwell’s Animal Farm  Book

Although it is packaged like a fable, in fact the story of Animal Farm is much  darker and heavier than the image of a  fable. However, George Orwell has a pretty good picture in pouring out the  plot or plot of the story.

Likewise with the provision of the characteristics of each animal. Where these animals  are symbols and reflections of human nature.  For example, the Old Major  as the  most authoritative and respected figure, Squealer the proud and deceptive  pig, or Boxer the stallion full of hard work.


The character of the animals in Animal Farm is a picture of what human traits look  like, either when they are at the bottom or when their lives are above. Which is  the most obvious depiction  is when a person gains power.

Be in control of a large number of community  groups.  Starting with a  noble vision and mission, sometimes it  can shake our mentality.   Is it persisting to stay rational or following the ego that distances us to a reality.

That  great power must  also be accompanied by great responsibility  as well, for all things have their own  risks. There are many lives at stake with a life hanging in the hands of  someone in power.

This huge burden should  not make us even shrill in responsibility, and busy thinking about our own prosperity.  Covetousness, selfishness  and also oppression will only bring endless misery, and like a vicious circle, karma can  happen in a time that we do not ever expected.

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