Indonesian Fiction Novel Recommendation Update & January Translation

Recommended Indonesian Fiction Novels & Translations – Novels are long essays consisting of various series of stories about several characters in a particular setting. Novels can come from the results of imagination as well as true stories experienced by the author or others.

Fiction Novel Recommendation Update & January Translation

Black Showman And Murder In An Unnamed  City

Murders can happen anywhere, including in a small, remote, and nearly forgotten town amid the  Covid-19  pandemic. A former junior high school teacher  was found strangled to death in  his own yard. Police don’t know if this is  a premeditated murder,  an  involuntary manslaughter, or an  act of theft that ends in murder. The victim is a respected teacher.  Even after retiring,  his former students often contacted him for  help or advice. So, of course  his  former students, who returned to the city for the sake of attending the  reunion,  were included in the list of suspected people. The police were confused, and the murderer was relieved that his identity would  never be  discovered.  However, he did not expect that the  victim’s daughter would show up with his uncle—an eccentric former magician—and participate in investigating  what really happened and find out  who killed Kamio Eiichi.

A Study In Scarlet

The  Red  Thread Search is the  first book in the Sherlock Holmes  series and tells the story of  Dr. Watson’s  introduction to the detective. The doctor, who  at that time did not know Holmes’  profession,  was initially confused by  the  man’s eccentricity  as well as his unique abilities. Holmes is very good at the   science of deduction and is able to guess the  state of a person in just  one glance. Guests  who visited their rental home on Baker Street also came from a variety of  social classes,  from nobles to porters. Holmes is also adept at playing the violin, but more often swipes it arbitrarily.  He could seem very excited, but   other times  seemed to be brooding blankly like a person addicted to narcotics. Dr. Watson only understood his new friend when he  knowing Holmes  ‘ profession and getting a chance to watch the detective work, tracing the  common thread of the series of murders that took place in  the heart of London

Pembunuhan Zodiak Tokyo (The Tokyo Zodiac Murders)

On a snowy night in 1936, an artist was beaten to death behind the  door of  his locked studio  in Tokyo. Police find a strange will that exposes his plan to create Azoth—the  perfect woman—from the body pieces  of  his relatives’ young  women.    Shortly thereafter,  his eldest daughter was murdered. Then his other daughters and nieces  and  nephews suddenly disappeared. One by one the mutilated bodies of  those were  found, all buried according to  the  astrological principle outlined by  the artist.   The mysterious massacre rocked Japan, preoccupiing  authorities and  amateur detectives, yet the curtain of  mystery remained unsolved  for more than  40 years. Then one  day in  1979, a document was handed over to Kiyoshi Mitarai—an astrologer,  fortune teller, and  eccentric detective.  Accompanied by his own version  of Dr. Watson—illustrator  and fan of  detective stories, Kazumi Ishioka—he begins to track down the trail of the   perpetrator of the  Tokyo  Zodiac Murders as well as the creator of Azoth which seemed to vanish swallowed up by the earth.  This fascinating  story  of magic and illusion by one of  Japan’s leading mystery storytellers  is structured like a magnificent stage tragedy.  The author throws a challenge to the reader to unpack the mystery before the curtains are closed.

Death Notice – The First Book

Our law is weak…  The unsolved double murder case  has haunted Sergeant Zheng Haoming for nearly twenty  years. I offer real justice…  Now, it seems that the murderer who has been hiding for  so long  has reappeared, luring the  policemen with “death certificates” announcing the  names of the following  victims   along with the date of his “execution”.  Are modern policing techniques—criminal profiles,  online investigations,  special forces—capable of catching a murderer who has managed to avoid punishment all along?  Or did this murderer prove to be more powerful than the police?   There is only one penalty: DEATH

Murder in the Crooked House

The Sloping  House  sits on   a  snow-capped  cliff overlooking an  icy  sea in japan’s remote northern tip.  A strange place, but that’s where the millionaire Kozaburo Hamamoto built it. There   are many sloping labyrinths of  floors and stairs in  unusual places, as well as spooky topnegs-masks and  dolls the size of a  human being. When a man is found murdered to  death in one of  the rooms, police are called, but they are  unable to solve the puzzle.  Then other victims fell.  So it’s called Kiyoshi Mitarai, the famous detective who once solved the  mystery of the Zodiac Murder case.  If it’s not Mitarai, who else can it be?  But perhaps you can get ahead of Mitarai in solving the case?  All  the clues are  clearly revealed. So, please give it a try.

Kesetiaan Mr. X (Devotion of Suspect X)

When the ex-husband  appears again to blackmail Yasuko Hanaoka and his daughter, things get out  of hand, until the ex-husband  is lying stiffly on  the floor of the  apartment. Yasuko intends to contact the  police, but undoes his intentions when Ishigami, his neighbor, offers to help  hide the body.  When the  body is found,  Detective  Kusanagi’s investigation leads to Yasuko.  But no matter  how strong her detective instincts are,  the woman’s alibi  is  very difficult to break. Kusanagi consults   with his best friend, Dr. Manabu Yukawa the Professor Galileo, who turns out to be Ishigami’s college friend.  Interspersed  with the nostalgia of college days, Yukawa, the   physicist, clashes with  Ishigami, the mathematical genius.  Ishigami fights to  protect Yasuko by trying to outsmart and deceive Yukawa, who only this time  finds the smartest and  most determined opponent. DETECTIVE GALILEO SERIES “The plot is interesting and suspenseful…   his psychological triggers distinguish this novel  from other thrillers. Agatha Christie will be very impressed.” —Financial Times Born in Osaka, Keigo Higashino   worked in a company before embarking on a  professional career as a  writer. Hundreds of millions of  copies of  his book were  sold worldwide and about twenty  films and television series  were adapted from his works.  He won the Edogawa Rampo Prize for After School and the 134th Naoki Prize for The Devotion of Suspect X.


In 2006 Amba went to Buru  Island.  He was looking for a man he loved, who gave him a child  out  of wedlock.  The man was Bhisma,  a doctor who graduated from Leipzig,  East Germany, who went missing because he was arrested by the New Order  government and banished to Buru  Island.

When  the  camp of political prisoners was disbanded and the tapols were repatriated, Bhisma remained  unrepaired. This historical novel   tells the story of the love and life of Amba,  the son of a teacher in a small central  Javanese town. “I grew up in Kadipura. I grew up in a family of  readers of old books.”  But he left his city. In Kediri he met Bhisma.  Their romance  was interrupted abruptly  around the  G30S incident in Yogyakarta.

In an invasion, Bhisma is lost forever.  Only on  Buru Island, Amba knew why Bhisma didn’t come back.

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