Indonesian Fiction Novel Recommendations & October Translation

Recommended Indonesian Fiction Novels &translation – In Indonesia, there are now more and more fiction novels that come by presenting various genres and interesting stories that can entertain their readers. Here are some recommendations for Indonesian fiction novels that present interesting stories and are worth reading.

Indonesian Fiction Novel Recommendations & October

Karsa Scent

Aroma Karsa is a fictional  novel written by Dewi Lestari or more familiarly called  Dee Lestari. The novel was published in  2018 by Mizan Media Utama. Aroma Karsa novel contains various stories, ranging from adventures, mysteries,  mythology, epigraphy, family, friendship, to romance.  In this novel, it tells the story of Raras Prayagung who has the ambition to find and find a flower that is believed   to grant  all wishes. The flower is called Puspa Karsa. The flower  is in a secret place and  can only be found through its fragrance.

Raras’s ambition  to find the Puspa Karsa flower  began with the ancient story of Janirah’s grandparents.Eyang Janirah  often tells raras various fairy tales   and  the fairy tales that  the barrel likes the most  are a fairy tale about Puspa Karsa.  Raras initially didn’t believe the  fairy tale, but when he saw  the expression on the  face of the grandparents  that showed seriousness Raras believed him until he  was  ready to go  anywhere to adventure. found Puspa Karsa.  After  Eyang Janirah died, Raras bequeathed the Kemara company which is the  largest herbal and cosmetic company in Indonesia.

After years of harboring his ambition to find Puspa Karsa, Raras met  a bantar gebang landfill youth  named Jati Wesi.  Teak has the nickname as the rat nose because it  has the  ability to recognize and remember the  smell it smells. Therefore, Raras contracted Jati to work in his company.  Raras has confidence that Jati’s ability  will be the main key to finding Pusma Karsa.

After becoming an employee in  kemara company, Jati fell in love with a woman named Suma, who also has abilities like herself.  At first, Suma didn’t like Jati, but over   time, Suma also felt the same way as Jati even though at that time  she was  a  lover. Therefore, the relationship between Suma and her lover named Arya ends.   Jati’s involvement with the Raras and Puspa Karsa families solves a  mystery about him that  he did not know before.  Teak also discovered the fact that Puspa Karsa is not an indiscriminate flower, but a very dangerous flower.

Here is the novel Aroma Karsa for those of you who are interested and curious about the full story of Puspa Karsa and its characters.

The Sea of Storytelling

The Sea of Storytelling is a fictional  novel written by Leila S.  Chudori. The novel was published by  Gramedia  Popular Literature in  2017. The novel is  set in  the 90s.  The story in this  novel  begins with  a character named Biru Laut Wibisono who tells about the  life journey  he has experienced.

Laut and some  of his friends are student activists who voiced their views to fight for justice.  Their struggle   ended in  a chase and arrest.  Laut and his friends were then abducted, locked up, interrogated, and tortured, without knowing where  they were  at the time.

The torture of  the kidnapped  activists  ended in  exile or if he was lucky, he would be repatriated.  Those who were successfully repatriated harbored trauma and guilt in  other  activists  who  never returned.  The families of the  disappearing   activists  continued to search and demand justice, but never  found a bright spot.

Here is the  novel Laut Storytelling for those of you who are interested and curious about  the  full story of the Sea and  other characters.


Kala is a fictional  novel written by Martyr Muhammad and Stefani Bella. The novel was published in  2017 by Gradient Mediatama. Kala tells the story of old  wounds, distances, relationships,  his character’s views on life.  The story in this  novel  begins with two characters named Saka and Lara, who meet in an  art exhibition. Saka and Lara both have wounds in the past that have never been told to anyone and eventually made them a  reclusive person.

Saka and Lara’s  sweet encounter becomes the  beginning for them to find their  identity  and try to open up to each  other.  After a brief meeting at the exhibition, Saka and Lara continue to be reunited  until they  form a new life story that is of course different from their previous  life stories.

The two   characters in the  novel are told with two different points  of view so that the same  incident is  told with different flavors. The novel provides a  simple romance story that  is uniquely packaged  by combining stories and poems.

Here is Kala’s novel for those of you who are interested and curious about the full story of  saka and Lara.


Goodbye is a fictional  novel written by Tere Liye. The novel was published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama in  2020.  Tere Liye instills various messages in this novel, namely about love, the evil of piracy, and honesty which is now diminishing.  Goodbye  tells the story of a character named Sintong who works in  a  pirated bookstore  behind  campus.  Sintong is a young man born in North Sumatra who became an eternal student in the Department of Literature, one of the leading universities  in Jakarta.  Sintong has several   times extended the   time of his final task work.  Six months became the remaining time for Sintong to complete his final task.

In  his busy time to do the final project, Sintong met Jess and Bunga, who were  students majoring in economics.     Sintong’s encounter with the two enchanting women initially took place in  his pirated bookstore, then Sinton tried to extend their friendship by consulting an  article for  entered the campus writing club.  In this  novel, it is also told about the  romantic story of Sintong during high school.  At that time, Sintong liked a girl named Rose of Bright Stars.  However,  her love story must end because Mawar prefers to marry a soldier with the rank of second lieutenant  with Binsar.

Here is a Goodbye  novel  for those of you who are interested and curious about  Sintong’s love story and life.

Like a Grudge, Longing Must Be Paid Thoroughly

Like Revenge, Miss Must Be Paid Thoroughly is a fictional  novel written by Eka Kurniawan. The novel was published in  2014 by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama. The novel presents such a crude, brutal, and  disrespectful story that it is devoted to readers over  the  age of 21.  The story in this novel  begins  with   immoral acts committed  by Ajo Kawir and Si Tokek. On  that night, the Gecko invited Ajo Kawir to visit the  house of Rona Merah, otherwise known as  the mad widow.  At first, Ajo Kawir refused the invitation, but finally he couldn’t bear to refuse the invitation of his good friend.

The two people  peeked at Rona Merah from the window hole.  However, at that time  , Rona Merah just sat down while chopping the food. Ajo Kawir then felt bored and intended to leave  the  place, but was prevented by the Gecko.  After a while, there was the sound of motorcycles approaching  towards them. From the motorcycle,  two policemen came down who went straight into  Rona Merah’s  house and raped her.  While  peeking at the incident, Ajo Kawir suddenly fell into a slip.

Ajo Kawir’s voice,  which was missed, was heard by the two policemen.  When the Gecko had managed to  escape, Ajo Kawir was  still left in his place and was arrested by one of  the  policemen. Ajo Kawir was  then taken  into The Red Hua’s  house to witness the  rape of the  two policemen.  After the incident, without a clear cause, Ajo Kawir suffered from impotence.  Despite presenting a  story that seems ‘gratuitous’ and  using a  variety of  abusive  language, the novel  contains many moral  messages that can be taken up by its readers.

Here is a novel Like a Grudge, Miss Must Be Paid Thoroughly for those of you who are  old enough and interested in the  story of Ajo Kawir and  other characters.


Lumpu is the 11th novel in the Earth  series written by Tere Liye. The novel was published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama in  2021. Lumpu’s novel tells the story of an  adventure to save their math teacher, Miss Selena.  Raib, who actually still feels  hurt and angry about the betrayal committed by Miss Selena, still tries  to find Miss Selena.  The three adventurous characters in this novel, namely Raib, Seli, and Ali immediately  went to the Nebula  clan to free Miss Selena who was locked up by Lumpu.

Their adventure  begins with finding Tamus to   work with.  They also found the location of Tamus in the belly of one of  the  mountains in the  Forbidden Mountains District.  Their arrival  was greeted with attacks from Fala Tara Tana IV and Tamus, as  they had  previously anticipated. Ali had tried to explain his reasons for meeting Tanus, but Tanus still considered them enemies whose cause was all his plans were chaotic.

In the  middle of the fight, Lumpu appears  unexpectedly  and tries to defeat Tanus, who has been  his target for a long time.  Raib, Seli, and Ali then try to help Tamus to defeat Lumpu.  The four of them then work together to find a  way that can defeat Lumpu.

The fight against Lumpu became a very difficult one. Tamus and Ali had to lose their powers by  the  paralyzing technique of Lumpu.

Raib, who in the previous fight always gained his unexpected strength  when he felt that  he was in a cornered situation, again gained  unexpected strength again in the fight  this.   No  one thought  that  Raib’s Moon glove  could defeat the  technique of  paralyzing the masterfish.

Here is Lumpu’s novel  for those of you who are interested and curious about the full story of raib, Seli, and Ali’s adventures against Lumpu.

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