November Fiction Novel Recommendations Update

However, even if it is taken from a true story, most  novels  will  still contain elements of the author’s imagination  so it can be said that almost the entire novel presents a fictional story. In Indonesia, there are now  more and more fiction novels  that come by presenting various genres and  interesting stories that can  entertain their readers.  Here are some recommendations for Indonesian fiction  novels  that  present  interesting stories  and are worth reading.

November Indonesian Fiction Novel Recommendation Update

Katarsis – Anastasia Aemilia

The first fiction  novel  recommendation  , namely Catharsis written by Anastasia Aemilia, an author, editor, and translator at Gramedia Pustaka Utama. The novel he wrote  was successfully published for the first time  by  the publisher Gramedia Pustaka Utama in  2013.

The  261-page  novel follows a teenage  girl  approximately  18 years old–being the only witness to a devastating robbery that occurred at  her uncle’s house in Bandung city. Tara Johandi  is the only person who still  survives, while all her family members are dead.

When found, Tara was locked up in  a wooden toolbox  in a very shocked state. The police suspect that the culprit is a pair of robbers who  have been fugitives for a long time.  Even during the investigation, one by one, the  evidence of clues began to  reveal his incongruity.

Alfons, who is a psychiatrist, helps Tara in releasing all the  trauma of the  incident she experienced.  Alfons felt that Tara kept a secret  very tightly. However, before Alfons reveals more  about the secret, a mysterious man  named Ello is present, making it   difficult for Alfons to  eliminate trauma to himself   Tare.

The presence of Ello, who is referred to as Tara’s childhood friend  , coincides with a  serial murder case involving a  wooden toolbox  like a few years ago. The police and the psychiatrist speculated that the serial murder case was  related to  the  tragic  robbery and murder experienced by Tara and her family members.

So, how did the police and Alfons solve the case?

Looking at it as a whole, this novel  is very good and recommended.  Readers will get  goosebumps when they follow the storyline. The novel contains murder, blood, torture, and mutilation–all of which  sound very creepy.

This novel with the psychology-thriller fiction  genre  also  seems heavy so that it  requires full concentration when reading it. However, Anastasia as the  author of  this Cathartic novel  has successfully wrapped everything up using light and simple, but meaningful language.

Interested in reading it?  Be mentally prepared and follow the  storyline  of  this Cathartic novel  in wisdom.

Departure – Nh Dini

The novel Departure by Nh. Dini was first  published in  1977.  It tells the story of  a girl of Dutch descent  named Elisa who falls in love  with a Javanese man.  Romance stories  and family dramas   adorn novels that revolve around questions  about the  identity  and nature of  a woman in this country.

Through his various early works, Nh. Dini has also  defended and defended women’s voices and expressed the  importance of equal rights between men and women.

Departure quotes a piece in the  life of  Elisabeth Frissart, a girl of Dutch descent.  In accordance with the year the novel was  first published, Departure is set  in  the 1970s.

It is told in this novel  , when the anti-foreign spirit that occurred in this  country in  the 1970s, citizens of foreign descent  who had long settled in Indonesia were forced to return  to their respective habitats, including Elisha’s own family.   Although all members of Elisha’s  family returned to the Netherlands,  Elisha decided to stay in Indonesia.

When Elisha was a child, she did grow up in  an  indo-populated environment, but in fact preferred to make friends and associate with the indigenous people. Therefore, Elisha did not hesitate to establish a relationship with Sukoharjito who was a young Javanese man.  However,  their relationship was eventually forced to run aground because the girl who worked as a flight attendant was faced with a  complicated choice, which was to stay  in Indonesia or leave it.

The Novel of Departure can be said to be a simple story brought in a slow rhythm and moving forward smoothly. This novel does not create the  impression of a forced or forced story, even to the  end of the story.

Renjana – ElAlicia

Renjana is a novel with a combined genre, namely fantasy fiction with culture written by ElAlicia. On one occasion the author once said that the  reason behind him carrying the theme was because the  genre he chose was fairly rare and indeed he put his  heart on  Indonesian history and the culture of the city of Jogja.

With the theme of Nusantara  culture, El wrapped a  fantasy with Javanese culture  so that it could be used in the form of this novel.  Initially, El used the  Wattpad digital platform to write his work, until he  won  the Wattys Award in  2020  in the Historical Fiction category.

Renjana’s novel  is his 9th  written  work. Amazingly,  El’s  9th work also successfully attracted 1.4 million pairs of  eyes  to read Renjana’s story in the  Wattpad application. The novel tells  the  story of a Majapahit King  who has been erased and exiled from history and cursed to pay for  his mistakes in the incarnation of his own wife.

Interested in following a fantasy story wrapped in this culture? Read Renjana’s novel  right now!

Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie

Murder on the    Orient Express is a detective-mystery fiction novel  by Agatha Christie that shows a young detective named Hercule Poirot.    His paper was   first published in early January 1934 in the United Kingdom by the Collins Crime Club.

The novel consists of three parts. The first part  contains an explanation of several facts, namely regarding the bodies of the victims and there are 12 suspected people.  Then, the   second part is the  interrogation of the suspected passengers. The third part  is the  analysis of detective Poirot assisted  by two of his colleagues.  When viewed from the number of characters,  it will tend to be  crowded because the  characters are 17 people, there are detective poirot  characters, there are victims, doctors, conductors, directors, and 12 people who  suspected.

When reading this 256-page  novel, the reader will be  confused and it is difficult to guess who the murderer is, especially with some powerful alibis  of the characters.

For those who rarely read  detective novels, this Murder on the Orient Express novel  will  enlighten you that detective stories will continue to haunt as long as you follow the  storyline   in the  the novel.

The Midnight Library – Matt Haig

The Midnight Library tells the story of a 35-year-old  girl, named Nora whose life is full of  regrets.      Once, he set to end his life, but instead he  was carried into a library in the middle of nowhere.  The library offers Nora the  opportunity to  be able to realize various things that  Nora has rejected  in the past.

Midnight Library is his name. There, Nora is given an interesting offer to live various events that she regrets in her life and do a different life than before. Nora is shown the Book of Regrets containing various regrets that  Nora has experienced during her life and is welcome to  make choices to change the  life that has been regretted so far.

Reading the novel The Midnight Library provides a very memorable knowledge or experience.  Tracing and following  Nora’s story, readers will also be  invited to  think about their own lives.  Such as a sense  of sadness and regret that is also felt by the reader.  There are not a few experiences of Nora that make this self reflect on herself.  Then, there is a  calmness of  heart that envelops inside when  reading the ending in this novel.

In addition, this novel  also  reviews a little about multi-universes, then inserted theories related to life in parallel worlds.   So it’s logical that Nora comes into a  life she’s not  living, she doesn’t even  remember anything.  Although in the real world  we do not know whether such a  life exists or not.  However,  the theory on this subject is not so deeply reviewed   by the author.

Curious about Nora’s story in the Midnight Library? Read The Midnight Library novel right now .

Common People  – Andrea Hirata

Andrea   Hirata inaugurated  her 10th paper in early 2019.  This fictional novel entitled Ordinary People  has attracted the  attention of people from various circles, especially those who have followed the works of Andrea Hirata  for a long time.

The Common People  told the plan  of the robbery group that was to be carried out by 10 friends in order to obtain funds (read: money) to continue the pediatric medical education from Dinah, namely Aini. Such actions  are indeed  somewhat wrong and not justified at  all.

However, this  gives an idea that parents will work hard and strive so that the child can achieve their  goals and certainly  in a good way.  Like the story in this novel  which shows that  although they have the opportunity to earn and find a lot of money  in an instant, but they actually choose the path  which is true and good.

The novel Ordinary People is wrapped in  light, simple, and easy-to-understand language  because it does not use too many allusions. Many points attract attention when reading the  story in this novel.

If you want to find a  reading with light language,  simple discussions, or just an entertaining reading, this novel Orang-Orang Biasa by Andrea Hirata  is the right choice .

The Perfect World of Miwako Sumida – Clarissa Goenawan

The Perfect World of Miwako Sumida was successfully released in  2020 by the publisher Gramedia Pustaka Utama. This   novel  is Clarissa Goenawan’s second written work, after the  success of her first novel entitled Rainbirds.

By reading this novel, it will take the reader through several issues.  Search and select pieces of the story in  order  to gain the integrity of the  story of a Miwako.

Through three different points  of view,  the reader will be drawn to explore Miwako’s life and investigate a number of mysteries that she keeps on her own.  Although the story is narrated by three different   people’s points of view, the  storyline  feels very  fluid.

The melancholy atmosphere  will feel familiar in every part of the story of this novel.  There’s kind of  melancholy, but  there’s also the prowess that shakes the  story in this novel.  In addition, there is sadness, but there is also the sincerity of  the heart to let go of a departure.

Life and death, self-identity, and sexuality are the pieces of the story that complement the  story in  this 372-page  novel.  Set in  the late 80s in  the city of Tokyo, readers seem to be invited to explore a secret passage, also feeling the  silent and mysterious atmosphere of the village being slumped.

In addition, he also felt the  warmth of a bookstore  that was often visited by  Ryusei and Miwako figures.  There is a kind of harmonization between mystical elements and mysteries that makes the pounding of the  heart even stronger  as secret after secret unfolds.

The Perfect World of Miwako Sumida will share  the  undisclosed reading experience.  In fact, when you just open and read the  start page, it seems as if curiosity  has penetrated the mind so that you  want to finish the  story in this novel  as soon as possible until the end of the page .

The Woman Who Cried to the Black Moon – Dian Purnomo

This novel has a fairly heavy theme with a fairly thick number of pages. However  , the storyline presented is not too complicated,  the rhythm of  the story is indeed fast even though it is divided into 57 chapters, but the content of each chapter is quite short .  In other words, it is very easy to complete this novel  because it feels reluctant to stop every time you read page after page of the novel.

For those who want to read, be prepared for the  conflict experienced by Magi because it  will be very tearing apart feelings.  Despite taking a third-person point of view, Dian Purnomo cleverly  managed to make the reader absorb  the  emotions experienced by  the Magi character. Fear, anger, helplessness, disappointment, sadness, tension,  indecision, and  other emotions.  With all the emotions felt,  there is not the slightest word saturated when reading this novel.

The novel is labeled 17+ and  the cover of the latest print also has the words Trigger Warning because there are indeed several scenes of physical, even sexual violence.  The struggle that was carried out bore fruit with the  culmination of a tense conflict with the crazy action of  the Magi  character and closed with an epic ending.

When reading this novel, readers will see the development of the character and  the struggles of  Magi as the  main character which is very inspiring.  All the ways he did in order to obtain deprived rights,  self-respect, and independence.

Not to forget, Dian Purnomo as the author of this novel  also  inspires readers more.  Through this novel, he describes the fight against the tradition  of  capture marriage  in Sumba which  is  neatly packaged into the  form of a fictional story so that the mandate he wants to convey is also  beautifully channeled  .

Ibuk – Iwan Setyawan

Ibuk is a novel released in 2012, written by  a national best seller writer, namely Iwan Setyawan.  Ibuk tells the story of  a life party  led by a mighty, tough and simple woman.  The clear and green female  figure  is like a  tree that envelops the aridity–providing oxygen for human life.

Reading Ibuk’s novel  is like reminiscing along with memories of the  past, childhood, just a time when the struggle of  life is not only saving expenses and saving money for sightseeing, not just  stay away from social media  to maintain the  sanity of life. However, the period when the stomach no longer feels starved which is a primary and basic need.

Although this is a fictional novel, the story seems very lively and real because it  talks about people’s lives in the days: let alone going to school, just eating is difficult. Education is low and does not have enough  income, but the desire to change fate has run aground to ashes.

There are not a few families fortified by people such as the  characters of Sim and Tinah in this novel  who have managed to lay the foundation pillars of life very gallantly for their children.   It’s not just raising, it’s educating by giving their children  exposure to  this vast real life.

Not only that,  this    approximately 300-page  novel  will provide  illustrations of domestic life  that is not always ideal, aka far from perfect.

In  addition, the novel  shows that the real power in the family and   the household lies  in the words  sincere  and accepting.  Everything will feel beautiful and easy if both things are  applied in life.

Interested in  what  kind of life Sim and Tinah live? Read the full story  in Ibuk’s novel.

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