Review of  Habiburrahman El Shirazy’s Bumi Cinta Novel

Bumi Cinta – Habiburahman El Shirazy or commonly called by the name Kang Abik, is one of  the  writers or novelists from Indonesia who has successfully released best  seller books, such as novels   titled Earth of Love.  Several other  works owned by Habiburahman El Shirazy are  not only known in Indonesia, but also in Malaysia,  the United States, and Australia.

One of  Kang Abik’s best-selling  works, Bumi  Cinta, which was published in  2010  , is even considered a distinguishing novel. So what makes the  earth novel  love a best-selling novel to get the  title of a distinguishing novel?  Check out the following   review.

The Author of  Bumi Cinta, Habiburrahman El Shirazy

Habiburrahman El Shirazy, Lc.  Pg.D., born on September 30, 1976.  He is a novelist from Indonesia and an undergraduate from Al Azhar University, Cairo Egypt.  Apart from being a  novelist, Habiburrahman El Shirazy or Kang Abik is also known as a director, dai, literati, poet,  pesantren leader to a speaker.

Kang Abik’s works are not only known in Indonesia,  but also in the international arena such as Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan to the United States.

Some of Kang Abik’s works have been published, including  Ayat-Ayat Cinta which  was made in the film version in   2004, Di Atas Sajadah Cinta has been adapted into a soap opera in the year  2004, When Love Bears Fruit of  Heaven was published in 2005, The Fading of Charm Cleopatra was published in 2005, When Cinta Bertasbih was published in 2007, When Love Was 2 published December 2007, In Mihrab Cinta published in 2007, Jerash City Girl in 2009, Bumi Cinta in 2010, The Romance.

Before becoming a famous  novelist, Kang Abik played a role in the editing process of the  Popular Dictionary of Arabic- Indonesian Language compiled by KMNU Egypt and published by Diva Pustaka Jakarta in June 2003.  In addition, Kang Abik has  also been a contributor to the compilation of the  Encyclopedia of  Islamic Boarding School Intellectualism: Portraits of  Figures and Their Thoughts which consists of three volumes and is published by Diva Pustaka Jakarta in  2003.

Then, between  2003 and 3004, Kang Abik then taught at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri I Yogyakarta and from  2004 to 2006, Kang Abik was also a lecturer at  the Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq Arabic and Islamic Language Teaching Institute  at UMS Surakarta.

Most of the novels written by Kang Abik, are novels in the moralist literary genre.

About the Book and Synopsis of the Earth of Love Novel

What happens when a salaf student named Muhammad Ayyas lives in the country that most upholds promiscuous  sex  and pornography, namely Russia?  Will his   faith and honor be at stake, just for the sake   of fulfilling the  worldly desires of the young Moscow noniks of  peerless beauty?

Ayyas had closed both eyes.  He wanted to fall into a deep sleep soon. However,  the shadow of Yelena’s  figure with all the  beauty of  her body, which  she  had just seen even if it was only an instant, seemed to be present in the embrace of her eyes.   The shadow of Anastasia Palazzo’s  beautiful face also danced back  in  the embrace of her eyes. The blood easily  warmed up again.  Ayyas then  tried to dismiss all the shadows,  but it was certainly not easy.   The shadow  seemed to have been stored and stuck tightly  in one  corner of his heart.  Such as viruses that are on the computer and  are not easy to get rid of.  Ayyas felt that this test of  faith felt more severe than from even the most biting winter.

The shivering chill  could  just disappear, when he entered his room which  was warm from the heating. However,  Yelena’s viral molek and Anastasia’s  beauty will not be easily eliminated.   Although he had prayed  and read the  Quran, the virus was still not perfectly  depreciated, still remaining and  could only be tamed.

Ayyas also read istighfar over and over again.  Even more than  seventy  times.  In his istighfar, he was then remembered by a message from Kiai Lukman Hakim, when he was paying at  the  Kajoran Islamic Boarding School in  Magelang long ago.

“Remember, son, that beauty  is what is the cause of the great students and knights!”

Ayyas then continued to think and pray until he fell asleep.  In his  sleep, Ayyas then dreamed that  there were two snakes  that entered  his room and hunted him.

Love Earth Novel Review

Bumi Cinta novel  tells the story of a student who comes from Indonesia and is completing his  post-graduate studies in India.   To finish his studies, Muhammad Ayyas as the  main character in the novel bumi cinta also had to do research in Russia.

In   the    bone-biting  winter, Ayyas then arrived in Moscow, the capital of Russia. He was  then greeted by Devid, who was his junior high school classmate  when he was still living in Indonesia and had  been living in Russia.  Devid then helped Muhammad Ayyas find an apartment for  his residence while he was in Moscow.

Problems then began to arise, when Ayyas learned  that in  the apartment he had to live with two women who were certainly  not his mahome.  Ayyas immediately expressed his objection. However, Devid presented  an   indisputable argument, solely because it was for safety, comfort and there were no other  apartment options for Ayyas. .

Ayyas’ apartmentmates  are  Linor and Yelena.  Although the three of them have their own  rooms,  they still have to share the kitchen and living room together. At these times, Ayyas also had to  fight to maintain his  chastity and faith.  Because apart from being  elegant and beautiful, Linor and Yelena often wear skimpy  clothes and flirt with the  faith of normal men.

Ayyas’s life  is like it can’t  be separated from beautiful women.  Professor Tomskii, who was referred to by his lecturer  in India, apparently had to  go to Istanbul because of some business.  Thus came Anastasia Palazzo, the substitute mentor for Ayyas.  Her beauty alone has become  a fairly severe test for Ayyas, and then coupled with intelligence.  His chest rippled and then a hue spilled over his face when he first became acquainted with the doctor.

The love earth  novel  from Kang Abik, is touted as a soul-building novel. Because when one reads this  novel,  the reader seems to  be about to  find a key to victory for a believer and will realize that the key god has given to  his servant through the book of the Quran.

As a fragment of the story from the love earth novel  above,  lust  is a part of human nature  that  is difficult to control  and this is  explained by Kang Abik in the  novel  the earth of love through the  main character, Namely Muhammad Ayyas.

The storyline of the  love earth novel, is considered to be able to enlighten  the reader’s  soul in each chapter.  Because  overall, the novel earth of love asserts, that living in  an environment with ex-atheists  and its inhabitants who are very minimally converted to religion, then life in  that environment too it requires a  strong enough struggle, so that someone like Muhammad Ayyas is able to  maintain his faith.

The characterization in this love earth novel  can be seen through the complexity of the  characters as well as the characters. In this novel, there are flats and round characters at the same time, in this case Muhammad Ayyas is depicted as very prototype. From  the start to the end page. Muhammad Ayyas is described as  a good young man and   has a special charm.

But in order to avoid  lawsuits from readers regarding the almost perfectly portrayed  character of Ayyas, Kang Abik also managed to build a rationalization that  was acceptable  to readers.

Meanwhile, the round character is depicted on the character linor.  The Linor  character, described tends to be more humane.   Linor has a  black side and ruthless also has a white and soft side.

When viewed from the  development of Muhammad Ayyas’ disposition, then Ayyas is a  static  figure or also  called a  silent  figure.  Ayyas will not experience any change in disposition, even though he is the main character.  Meanwhile, Linor and Yelena are  dynamic characters or developing characters. There is a change in disposition from evil or less good to a better  person.

Both the physical and material  settings in the love earth  novel, are successfully portrayed by Kang Abik in this novel.  The place and the  ongoing  season are  also  well  depicted.  Some places in the  novel are also successfully described in  detail.  So that the readers seem to  be invited to be able to  feel the  cold as well as the beauty of the  snow season in Russia.  Both spiritual and social settings are displayed by Kang Abik to strengthen the  atmosphere in the novel earth of love. The religious values that have faded are also described quite clearly.   Readers will get information about social settings through images of  violence, fraud, promiscuous sex, and mafia  groups.

As a novel that has the title of soul builder, this novel  needs to be appreciated.  The character of Ayyas, can be used as an inspiration to do a good. Because he is a model of a muslim youth  who remains tough in  the midst of  all the storms of  shahwat that can threaten his faith.

The novel bumi cinta describes  the beauty of  everyday adab exemplified in Islam.   Like the adab brothers, adab in the teacher, to adab when the nightmare  is described by Kang Abik as a  writer with a fairly dramatic  technique. So,  the depiction seems  subtle and nice and does not seem patronizing to the reader.

In   addition to talking about Islam, Kang Abik also mentioned  atheism.  Various types of atheism seem to be stripped naked and shown their weakness by Kang Abik.  in addition,  the novel earth of love also reveals the cruelty and abominations of the Israeli zionists.  The massacres of Sabra and Shatila are described by Kang Abik  quite clearly.  Some of the dialogues in this novel  also contain tawhid teachings.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Bumi Cinta Novel

Despite getting good and bombastic reviews, the love earth novel written by Habiburrahman El Shirazy also has some weaknesses or shortcomings.

In fact, the weaknesses or shortcomings in this love earth novel  are still related to  technical or grammatical  issues.  Examples include the  use of punctuation, typos, and inconsistency in the  use of calls for linor characters that occur in some conversations in the  novel earth of love.

At first, Kang Abik pointed out, that both Linor and his mother had agreed to call Linor by the name Sofia,  but Kang Abik still used the  name Linor in some  the conversation or the story after it.

In addition, conversations about atheism and godliness are considered quite good.  The discussion of these  two things can add knowledge to  the reader, especially regarding the  types of atheism and its shortcomings that have been explained by Kang Abik, besides that  the explanation can also  strengthen the faith of the readers. However, these dialogues were constructed by Kang Abik with too long conversations  and some of the conversations  seemed patronizing and too fierce.

However, of course  this earth novel  from Kang Abik  has a positive side or advantage that should be considered  when Grameds wants to read this one book.

Through the story in the  novel bumi cinta, Kang Abik manages to tell a variety of   conflicts that are quite complicated through the  three characterizations.  So this novel  also got the nickname or title as a differentiating novel.  In addition, Kang Abik also managed to provide a fairly thick moral  education through this novel.

As a young novel  that is still idealistic, Kang Abik also wrote a love earth  novel  with the nuances of idealism that he carried out. This  can certainly be seen from the message and spirit of  proselytizing that  Kang Abik wants to convey through the conflict that is present in the novel earth of love.

This novel, suitable for reading by the whole circle, especially from the age of  16 years and  above.  By using language that is easy to understand, as well as clear  footnotes, it is easier  for readers to understand the content of the story of this  novel.

Quotes in The Earth of Love Novel

As in Kang Abik’s previous novels  , in this love earth novel  Kang Abik also  inserts a lot of aphorisms or quotes that may  be an encouragement and reminder to readers  .  Here are some interesting quotes  to infuse.

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