Review of  Mother’s Choice of Santri Novels:  A Love Story Full of Life Values

The  Mother’s Choice of Santri Novel   – In recent years Wattpad has been quite able to gather many talented writers with interesting stories. One of them is the   work of Salsyabila Falensia Agustia which has recently been completed into a novel  book with the title Santri Pilihan Bunda.   The wattpad account owner   with the username @secretwriter is able to bring this novel by him to become a best seller.

The novel Santri Pilihan Bunda raises romance as its big theme.  Wrapped in Islamic nuances,  the writer who  is more familiarly called Acha is able to present a  love story that  is not only full of  emotional explosions but also full  of  values  life. It may also be  that  this is what makes the  story of the  novel Santri Pilihan Bunda get a  lot of attention on wattpad.

The story of the novel Santri Pilihan Bunda centers on the character of Aliza Shaqueena Iqala, a beautiful girl  addicted to ice cubes and the owner of beautiful, flexible   eyelashes. His usual days were  suddenly full of surprises when he had to marry the student chosen by  his mother. \

This  arranged marriage plan was  never on Aliza’s bucket list, let alone     marrying a new person, having a romantic  relationship with a  familiar man alone is  foreign to her .

It was Kinaan Ozama El Fatih,   the mother’s chosen student who would become a priest in  Aliza’s life.   This    thick-lipped man has a tall  posture with a  face that can be said to be almost  incomparable,  yes  at least in Aliza’s  life.   This man who is used to being cold is able to become a warm figure for Aliza.  Despite having to get married through the  path of arranged marriage, Kinaan treats  Aliza  lovingly.

Although Aliza and Kinaan are married with a surprise arranged marriage,  the two apparently enjoy a beautiful home  life.      Kinaan’s loving attitude makes  Aliza realize  how lucky she is.  But behind his loving  and  responsible figure, apparently Kinaan also harbors a dark and painful past.

Not much different from real  life, a story will not always go smoothly. Even so with the story in the  novel Santri Pilihan Bunda.  In the development of the story,  a character named Zero   appears whose behavior may make readers furious. Zero often  acts cruelly towards Aliza,  he does not hesitate to hit and even make Aliza wretched.

Although the author equips Zero with quite stereotypical attitudes as an antagonist, the existence of this character  is indeed needed to raise  the conflict of the story in the  novel Santri Pilihan Bunda .  Thanks to this, the  storyline  becomes more  dynamic.

Not to mention the character Zena,  Kinaan’s sister who often commits lies to the point of making it difficult for Kinaan.   Although in the end those lies  will continue to haunt him. Zena was fettered in  seemingly endless regret.

By presenting the story of an Islamic couple, Acha as the author is able to bring his readers to  drift in the  flow of  the story he  made. The reader’s feelings  will be mixed, smile – laugh – laugh – upset – angry – hate – sad – cry, and  may  end up being happy. The audience  seems to be invited to ride a roller coaster that triggers inner upheaval.

Characterization in The  Mother’s Choice Of Santri Novel

1. About Aliza

As the main character of the  novel Santri Pilihan Bunda, Aliza is described as having a beautiful face. This girl who loves ice cubes  very much  has the full name Aliza Shaqueena Iqala.  Her stature is petite with  supple eyelashes.   His indifferent attitude  can actually make Kinaan, who is usually cold, become a warmer person  when he is with him.

2. About Kinaan

A student from a  famous cottage,  this tall man is the  main character who  is the figure behind  the  title of the  novel Santri Pilihan Bunda.   Having the full name Kinaan Ozama El Fatih, Acha as the  author describes this character as having thick eyebrows and a beautiful face.

Although it is told that Kinaan is a person who tends to be cold, but he is also  a generous figure and helps many people around him.  Kinaan is  also described as  a responsible  and loving figure,  this is evident from his warm attitude  to Aliza, as well  as from his efforts to build and guided Aliza through a happy   household.  It’s just that  there are past events that still  haunt Kinaan.

3. About Zero

Acha assumes Zero as the antagonist in the novel Santri Pilihan Bunda.  This character  is said to often persecute   Aliza. Many of his actions  are over the limit and will succeed in  provoking the  anger of readers.  There were even  times when his actions actually harmed Aliza to the point that  Aliza had to  swallow bitter memories of losing  a loved  one.

While on the  other hand, Acha also tells the reason for  Zero’s lack of morals. One of them is because Zero  is depressed due to the demands of his family which is very restrictive.

4. About Zena

Zena is  kinaan’s younger sister and Aliza’s best friend  . Zena is described as a  figure who often lies.      Zena’s lies often make   kinaan difficult. Through this character, Acha as the author of the  novel Santri Pilihan Bunda seems to want to insert a message about how valuable the value of honesty is.

Author Profile

Salsyabila Falensia Agustia, was born in  pontianak city on August 23, 2005.  The author, who  is more familiarly called  Acha, is  the owner of the @secretwriter  account on Wattpad.  Acha is a movie and anime lover.

Thanks to the support of some of  his best friends Acha became more steady and enthusiastic about writing novels.  Acha also has a  dream that one day  his novel can become a  best seller, and can even be  made into a film.

Synopsis of  Mother’s Choice Santri Novel 

An arranged marriage that  was never in  Aliza’s plan book  .   That is to have to  marry a student of his Mother’s choice.

Kinaan Ozama El Fatih.  A student of one of the famous islamic  boarding schools in his city.   Tall man, with thick eyebrows.  A fairly perfect facial sculpture. As well as a little secret in him.  His cold attitude  did not apply when he was with Aliza, who  is now his wife.  I don’t know why that spoiled attitude always appears when he is with Aliza.

Aliza Shaqueena Iqala. Ice cube-loving girl  .  With her flexible eyelashes  and a fairly petite body, it makes her look so cute.  His ignorant attitude  apparently requires Kinaan to thaw if he is with Aliza. Because if the two are equally ignorant, then it  is certain what the relationship will look like.

For Kinaan, even though he and Aliza were betrothed, Aliza was still his wife–his responsibility.  He must guide Aliza  well, and make the girl happy.

Advantages of  Mother’s Choice Of Santri Novel

The Novel Santri Pilihan Bunda presents a  story that is quite close to  everyday life (although not all). In addition to the romance of the two main characters, Acha also  inserted many relationships between the characters in the  novel Santri Pilihan Bunda with parents, siblings, friends, and  their best friend.

The story is also still intertwined with daily activities that  are commonly carried out by many people.   Typical stories  of this kind are able to  more easily  attract the  reader’s imagination  into the vortex of the current of the story.

Then also questioning the style of  language used, in writing the  novel Santri Pilihan Bunda Acha uses a language style  that is very easy to understand, even classified as a slang  style.  The choice of this language style is able to attract a lot of interest from readers, especially among contemporary teenagers.

The  use of  slang styles   that are commonly used daily can shorten the  distance between the reader and the storyline  in the book, or in other  terms can add intimacy to the process  read a book.

A light storyline  can  also be   an attraction in itself.  This book  can be a recommended choice  for novel  enthusiasts with a  plot that is not too complicated and makes you dizzy.  The story is quite easy to understand but also able to stir emotions.  Mother’s Choice Of Santri’s Novel  is able to  make her readers addicted to keep flipping sheet by sheet — page by page.

In the novel Santri Pilihan Bunda Acha inserts a lot of Islamic values, especially in the attitude of the main character.  The problems faced by the  main character are  solved with an Islamic perspective.

Although it  cannot be enjoyed freely by all circles,  the author’s decision  to insert Islamic values in his book makes the novel Santri Pilihan Bunda not just about the  story  ordinary love, but also full of meaning.

Disadvantages  of  Mother’s Choice Santri Novel

Technically there are still some nitty-gritty  errors in the  novel Santri Pilihan Bunda.  Although it is still understandable, some of these mistakes have  the potential to make the  meaning of the sentence biased.   This kind of technical error does not rule out the possibility that it can make the reader misunderstand the meaning of  the  sentence that  the author wants to convey.

The theme  of the  story raised in the  novel Santri Pilihan Bunda is  arguably quite cliché.  For some readers it may feel too light and less challenging for this kind of theme.

In addition, the excavation and development of some of the characters also still feels lacking in detail and depth. This  makes the  novel Santri Pilihan Bunda potentially less able to attract the interest of readers more broadly, especially lovers of heavyweight  novels.

Then about the insertion of Islamic values, although previously  this could be more  points, but on  the  other hand it can also  be a weakness of the  novel Santri Pilihan Bunda.  For some readers who may not  be  Muslim,  the  Islamic values inserted may actually widen the  gap between the reader and the story in it. This  can    also  reduce the potential of the Novel Santri Pilihan Bunda to attract readers’ interest at large and generally.

Moral Message

Through the novel Santri Pilihan Bunda, Acha inserts a message that not always the arranged arranged marriages of  parents  cause the child’s  unhappiness.  Acha wants to emphasize that  parents actually want the best for their children. This  Acha manifests in the  story of Aliza who finds the happiness of living in a household  with Kinaan, a student who was chosen for her by the Mother.

Another message that can be picked out is  also  about how important the value of  honesty is.  Through several characters (one of which is Zena) Acha shows that harboring lies actually  makes life miserable and  unsettled.

But when the lies are exposed  honestly, although bitter and heart-wrenching,  the lives of the characters become more calm and peaceful. Although clichéd, values like these are still important and worthy of every human being to  uphold, without exception.

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Recommended Novels Similar

As an additional reference as well as a recommendation, here are some other books that have a similar theme to the novel Santri Pilihan Bunda.

1. The Match of God Novel

Since the  accidental  meeting at that time, Genna Hisana Maulida has set her heart’s choice on one man, namely Gevanno Fahreza Amir.  Genna Hisana Maulida has a beautiful face, this girl who really likes donuts  every  day always looks syar’i.

For matters of heart Genna had very high hopes  that her feelings for Gevan could be reciprocated.  But unfortunately, Gevan is  now his teaching lecturer. Genna    couldn’t help  but blatantly show her liking.    Genna was  only able to admire in secret–being a secret admirer.

One time Genna’s  hopes of love for  Gevan were almost dashed.  Genna’s parents decided to match her with a man.  As a form of filial piety for  a child, Genna can only surrender and try to sincerely follow the  will of her parents.

But who would have  thought that  God’s destiny was indeed beautiful—how surprised Genna was  when she  knew that the  person  she was going to bet on was the  man She had been  coveting.  Finding this amazing reality Genna is  happy not a head.

So, how does the relationship between these  two lovebirds continue?  Garmeds could continue reading this 280-page  novel  by Raysa Nawzaa in

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The fruit of the work of the author Puspa Kirana  tells the story of the ups and downs of  Saras’  life. His family’s business was hit by a disaster, in debt and  unable to pay. Saras’ father even fell ill and was threatened with going to jail.

In her inner self Saras felt that she  had to bear the responsibility, saving her family. Saras, who   has been  more at home,  can’t help but have to  go into the business world  , which feels very  foreign to her.

A glimmer of hope began to appear when help came from Erlangga,  Saras’ beautiful and  caring co-worker. On the other hand, Dewa (Saras’ husband)   is still cold and indifferent  to him.

As if that weren’t enough,  bad luck again plagued Saras’  life —  her family harmony was threatened and everyone cornered her.  Will Saras be able to get through the various trials of her life?  So, who is the man he should  be  leaning on?

3. Fairyland Husband Novel: A Message from the Past

Messages from the Past is the  first book in the   Fairyland  Husband series by author Majarani.  In  this novel,  Raya, like most other  women, yearns for herself to marry   a man who  is loving and devout in worship.  But who would have thought, his life changed drastically when he was lost on Mount Ciremai.

Miraculously, Raya  was even met by the  figure of Raden Wijaya Kusuma,  a figure whom  he had only heard his name from history books.  The two are also involved in  a romantic relationship.

Wiku (  Raya’s affectionate call to  Raden Wijaya Kusuma) is able to provide affection, care, and even love that  Raya  has never felt before from any man who has ever felt  so his lover.

Raya has reached the stage of love addiction  from  Wiku, even time seems to stop every time She is with Wiku.  However, the two are two different worlds apart.

Which one should You choose, join Wiku into   the  world of fairy tales?  Or should it   be to go back to reality and  just marry an ordinary  man?  Get his book to find out the continuation of his story in Gramedia.

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