Update on List of Indonesian Fiction Novels & Translations June, February

The novel is a long essay consisting of a series of stories about several characters in a particular setting. Novels can come from the results of imagination as well as true stories experienced by the author or others.

However, even if it is taken from a true story, most novels will still contain elements of the author’s imagination so it can be said that almost the entire novel presents a fictional story. In Indonesia, there are now more and more fiction novels that come by presenting various genres and interesting stories that can entertain their readers.

Here are some recommendations for Indonesian fiction novels that present interesting stories and are worth reading.

Indonesian Fiction Novel Recommendation Update & June Translation

The Chronicles of Narnia #1: The Magician`s Nephew



the land where the  Talking Animals live…  where the witch waits… and a new world  will take shape.  In an adventure to save someone, two companions are forced into  another world, where

an  evil witch intends to enslave them.  However, Aslan the Lion sang a  song that made a new land created,  a land that later   became known as Narnia. And in Narnia, anything is possible…

Little Prince: Le Petit Prince

The Little Prince  is among the most  translated books in the world.  It is said to have been adapted into 230  foreign languages.  This book  is indeed amazing.  It seems to be a children’s story, but it is  actually enjoyed and pondered by adults as well.

Through the story of a child  who observes  the world with naïve and  innocent  eyes, Saint-Exupéry touches on some of the most basic human values  and experiences, such as power, responsibility, and love.    This heartwarming and deep fairy tale is among the  unforgettable masterpieces of world literature.

Nyanyian Achilles (The Song of Achilles)

Greece in the days of heroes. Patroclus, a clumsy young  prince, was exiled to the court of  King Peleus and his perfect son, Achilles.  They grew into  capable young men  in the art of war and medicine, and  their closeness developed into a deeper  relationship—though strongly opposed by  Achilles’ mother Thetis,  the cruel goddess  of the  sea.

Then news broke  that Helen from Sparta had been kidnapped.  Indecisive between fear and affection  for his best friend, Patroclus went with Achilles to Troy, without realizing that the  following years would be a test for all they cared about .

Student Hidjo

Student Hidjo (EYD: Student Hijo) is a 1918  novel by Marco Kartodikromo. The novel was originally published in serial  form in Sinar Hindia, then republished  in book form by Masman & Stroink in  1919.

Student Hidjo was written when Kartodikromo was imprisoned. This novel tells the story of Hidjo, a Javanese student  who is sent to the Netherlands to  study and fall in love with a Dutch  woman. Another plot parallel to the main  story tells the romance of  the Dutch administrator, Willem Walter.  Written in  Malay, this novel  is one of  the  works of Javanese writers who helped popularize the word “me” as the first  person’s personal  pointing word.

The novel depicts the new youth  culture of  Indonesia that adopts  Western  culture and language.  The element  is considered Kartodikromo as an additional simile. The values of   traditional Javanese culture  and  Dutch culture are compared and Kartodikromo argues that the two cannot complement each other. The value  includes the love described in this novel  as something that can only be found by  people with Dutch education, while traditional people  see marriage as a way of achieving  social mobility.

Funiculi Funicula

In a small alley  in Tokyo, there is an  old café that can take visitors to explore time.  The magic of the café attracted a woman who wanted to turn back the clock to make up with her lover, a nurse who wanted to read a letter that  her husband who had not had time to give her husband who sick, an older brother who wants to see his sister for the last time, and a mother who wants to meet  a  child she may  never know.

But there are many rules to keep in mind. One, they must remain seated in  a  predetermined seat.  Two,  whatever they do in the time  they are visiting will not change the  reality of the present.  Three, they have to finish the special coffee served before the  coffee is cold.  The barrage of other regulations did not stop those people from  traveling through time. But  if their departure doesn’t change a single thing today, is it worth it all?

Indonesian Fiction Novel Recommendations Update & February Translation

The Magic  of Namiya Grocery Store

When three young hooligans hide in   an  uninhabited grocery store after committing a theft, a mysterious letter is suddenly tucked into the  store through a mail hole. A letter containing a  request for advice.

It’s really weird.  However,  the strange letter turns out to  take them on  an adventure across time, replacing the  role of  the grandfather of the grocery store owner  who spent his later years giving  sincere advice to people who ask for help.  Just for one night. And as dawn approaches,  the lives of the three companions will  never be  the same again…


Jenu 301 is a child raised by  a  state government agency called the NC Center.  He conducted a search for potential people called  Parent’s Interview  or  PAINT.  Unfortunately, every candidate he meets only wants to benefit  from the government, not  sincerely to nurture him.

Amid skepticism, Jenu 301 is met by prospective new  parents  who  work  as writers and painters. Although it seems simple, but Jenu 301 can see the other  side of his  future parents. And  unexpectedly, they openly  told about  the  injuries given by their parents  when they were young.  Can Jenu 301 be adopted with her future parents? And can Jenu 301 leave the NC Center that has been  raising her?

Noveli’s  Murder Notes Noveli

Bestselling novelist Hidaka Kunihiko was  found dead in his home the night before he left Japan to move to Canada.  His body was found in  his locked study in his home which was also locked by his wife and best friend.  Both have strong alibis.  Maybe. Detective Kaga Kyoichiro who investigated the murder  case found that Hidaka’s  relationship with his best friend, Nonoguchi Osamu,  was not as told by Nonoguchi.

But the question that bothers Kaga the most  is not who or how, but why. It was from there that the detective and the murderer fought to reveal the truth about  their respective  versions of  the past and present  . And if Kaga fails to uncover the killer’s true motives  ,  the truth will not be fully revealed. Malice is the best-selling and most  acclaimed novel  from  Keigo Higashino’s Detective Kaga  series.

The Midnight Library

Between life and death is a library whose number of books is  infinite.  Each book provides one opportunity to try another  life that can be lived so you can see what happens if you  make  decisions—different decisions …

Would   you do  anything differently  if you got a chance to undo your regrets?  Is it true that another  life will be much better? Nora Seed had to make a decision.  He was faced with the possibility of  being able to change his life, have a different career, not break up from an ex-lover, realize his dream as a glaciologist.

He scours the  Midnight  Library to decide what exactly makes life worth living.  After a  life filled with various regrets and failures, will Nora Seed finally get a  life that can bring her true happiness?

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